Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr. Darcy

I entered a contest this week to win a beautiful necklace. The entry was, "what is your favorite Jane Austen novel?"

If you know me well, you know I LOVE Jane Austen. The contest started me thinking why I loved these romantic, unrequited love (till the last few pages) at it's best, novels. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. I literally stayed up one night till 2a.m. in the bathroom (so I wouldn't wake up Steve) finishing it--and that was the second time I read it.

I have thought about it and I realize that I love these kinds of novels because they let me experience, vicariously, what I, as a married woman can only reminisce about--that time when I first fell in love--before anything was certain, before I knew he felt the same and just the sight of him made my heart pound and my hands shake.

I can't recreate that with my husband, not in it's pure form. I will never wonder again, "Is he going to kiss me?"

One night, after watching "Made of Honor", no Jane Austen but the same elements, I felt kinda sad. I had the realization that I would never feel that way again--the newness, the uncertainty, the little games played to be where he is. . .

But I am not stupid. I know that part only lasts a few weeks at best--which is probably why every movie and Jane Austen novel ends at this point.

And if the book continued, I'm thinking even Mr.Darcy would probably forget to close the bathroom door or pick up his towel off the floor. He and Elizabeth would probably argue over the bills or the new hat she had to have (shoes for us modern day girls).

And their love would grow and mature, the roots spreading deep into both their hearts--like mine has.

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Erica.Michelle. said...

Erin! Such great perspective. I Love reading your heart. -Erica

p.s. I also appreciate good books that keep me up until 2 am :)